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Nesquik Ready To Drink Milk Chocolate

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Whichever the reason of your not drinking is - it should be respected. Each of us have had at least once a non-drinking time period (and many of us are having it now): either we have a car parked close, or because of some medical issues - we need to drink something non-alcoholic. When you need the taste of wine or beer, alcoholic-free beverages come into play.

We offer a big choice of non-alcoholic drinks: alcohol-free beers, wines, cocktails, spirit substitutes, festive drinks and so on.

How is alcohol dealcoholized? 4 technologies are implemented while removing alcohol: steam vacuum, reverse osmosis, centrifugal force and halted fermantation (the last one is mostly used in beers.) All of them keep the taste, flavour and the bouquet, yet remove alcohol. If you are a big beer fan, please pay attention that our alcoholic-free beer is brewed after German Reinheitsgebot, which is a German law taken in 1487 which allowed only water, hops, malt and yeast as ingredients.

Who Can Drink Alcohol-Free Beverages? - Sportsmen - drivers - pregnant women - dieters (sugar level is decreased if compared to alcoholic drinks ) - teatotallers - those who have medical issues - those who lead a healthy way of life What Are The Advantages of Alcohol-Free Drinks?

They are quite obvious. You don’t get drunk, you can drive safely after it, the beverages will not contadict with health issues and will not affect an unborn child if a pregnant woman drinks them. Besides, if one takes wine, it will complete a delicious dinner: red non-alcoholic wine will pair perfectly with red meat, and white wine - with white meat. However, it all depends on your preferences, so if you decide to mix the tastes in different combination - it’s all up to you.

How Do You Get An Order? You can order online and we’ll send the beverages to you. Or, you can visit our shops (addresses mentioned in the Contact section ). Please be sure the bottles will be delievered safety just to your home. Apart from all that, on this website you can find a set of best recipies containing of non-alcoholic ingredients. Moreover, if you need a bottle bigger than a standart one, you can also get a large version of drinks on this website. You can always contact us via live chat or via phone, we’ll be happy to assist you. Enjoy your drinks!

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